Zwigato Movie Review: Kapil Sharma’s Slice-of-Life Film Falls Short Due to Pacing and Overpacked Script

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The film Zwigato, directed by Nandita Das, follows the life of Manas, a delivery boy, as he grapples with the world of ratings and algorithms. The movie depicts the plight of delivery boys but falls short of evoking emotions in the audience.

The film portrays the struggles to a certain class of society in a subtle way and avoids unnecessary melodrama. However, it includes unnecessary political and religious drama that detracts from the story’s focus.

Zwigato focuses on a significant number of cultural and social awareness topics, but the script is too packed with different events and fails to deliver a cohesive message. Kapil Sharma plays the part effectively, yet his acting falls short at moments, making it tough for the audience to connect with him.

In contrast, Shahana Goswami‘s performance is flawless and she fits perfectly into her character. The film ends on a positive note, however, the ending remains somewhat confusing.

Despite its flaws, Zwigato provides a perfect portrayal of the gig economy and the lives of people who do menial jobs.

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